As athletes, climbers are way behind the training standards of other professional sports.  I hope that Climbing Training Project will help climbers find more efficient and effective ways to train so that, as a community, we can reach our full potential.

-Dr. Andrew Shannahan, D.C.

Other Stuff About Me

I’ve been climbing since about 2000 or 1999.  I took off 3+ years to open our Lynnwood Chiropractic Office. I worked as a route-setter for about 4 years as well.  The majority of my climbing has been indoors.  Most of my outdoor climbing has been in the past 2 years since I decided to aim for El Capitan.

I’ve been a Chiropractor since 2001, specializing in rehab and nutrition. Over 10 years of Chiropractic experience has given me a strong base of anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, posture, movement, nutrition, rehab, stress management, health & wellness, etc.  It’s also keeps me focused on pre-hab and injury prevention.

I’m into Hardstyle Kettlebells.  My personal trainer is an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified), and a lot of the blogs/articles that I read are connected in some way to the StrongFirst/RKC mindset.  If you don’t know about the StrongFirst/RKC crowd, they are the geeks of the strength and conditioning world.  Form, function, quality and efficiency are the goals of all their movements, exercises, and programs.  If you want to get super strong without wasting time or getting injured, then check out the StrongFirst/RKC website.

I’m getting older (born in 1977).  I now have to fight for every ounce of strength. I also recover slower, so I over-train easily and struggle to resist injury.  Therefore, most of my training advice is aimed at maximizing strength gains and minimizing tissue damage.  I don’t have time to waste on fun, fad exercises and programs.  I am only interested in the most efficient training techniques, things that will make me climb stronger in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.

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