Don’t Lose Focus

A very strong a talented young climber shows you a collection of exercises that she uses:

What will YOU do with this information?

Hopefully, you are already following a fantastic training plan, and you’ll do very little with this video.  You’ll stay focused on your unique goals, strengths & weaknesses.  You’ll value consistency over variety. And you’ll continue to work steadily towards your optimal climbing ability, injury free.  You are a master of your sport.

If you’re like a lot of people, who don’t have a plan, you might be tempted to write down all the exercises in the video and start using them somewhere in your workouts.  Be careful. This might work if you’re young, resilient, and built like the climber in the video, but if you’re old and cynical like me, then you’re probably going to hurt yourself.  Even if you do get stronger, this probably is not the best approach for you.  You need to come up with your own plan.

There is a science to this stuff.  Random exercises are for climbers who don’t know how to train smarter.

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