Maximizing Your Potential

A great article by Pavel ( Click Here )

Here is the summary (backed up by good info and references):

In summary, to maximize your potential productivity you need to, in addition to training right, do whatever it takes to become happy and healthy.

  • Train right.
  • Rest enough.
  • Eat well. Supplement right—or not at all.
  • Get your head in the right place.
  • Take up autogenic training or meditation.
  • Study your body’s natural rhythms and live and train in sync with them.
  • Engage in natural health practices: outdoor activities, tempering, sauna, massage, etc.
  • Learn moderation.

Some key takeaways that I got from reading this article:

  1. Train at a consistent time during the day, optimally at the natural peak of your productivity.  For me, that is around 6 pm, or around 11 am if I’m busy in the evening.
  2. Take a long break once a year (probably in winter).  I have the hardest time with this.  Right now, my body has forced a break on me.  It’ll happen one way or another.
  3. Choose “send” times that work with your natural productivity peaks. For long days, (like big walling), do most of your work in the morning, take a long siesta, then do a shorter session of work in the evening.  Working through lunch will deteriorate your potential productivity.


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