Core and shoulder warmup.

Bear crawl and inchworm/founder.

Bouldering / Linked Problems

5+ min rests between

  1. V5 M.
  2. V7/6 M – Fail. Botched sequence at top of V6.
  3. V8 – Fail. Still can’t figure out the beta, but got one move farther than last session.
  4. V8 – Fail. Same problem as #3.
  5. V8 M – Fail. Different problem. Got gassed at the crux.
  6. V8 – Fail. Another different problem.  Got 2 moves from the top, but botched the sequence.
  7. V7 – This is one I fell off of last session going for the top.  Stuck it today.
  8. V8 M – Fail.  Same problem as #5.  Stuck the crux move, but then quickly peeled off.  I think I could finish this M if I work it a few more times.

Lot’s of failure this session.  It was fun to push myself.

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