Core & shldr warmup

Hard Boulders

5 min rests between

V5 – sent after figuring out start move crux.

V5 – flash.

V6 – flash.

V6 – flash to finish jug, didn’t match.

V7 – flash to finish jug, hit it, didn’t hang.

V8 – about 4 attempts, no send, stumped by the middle crux.

V9 – about 2 attempts, no send, not even close.

V7 – flash.

I was surprised at how hard the V8 and V9 felt.  And surprised that I could still flash a V7 at the end.  I know it’s all subjective, but it still felt weird.  Overall, happy with where I’m at after finishing an endurance block.  Fingers still feel strong, maybe thanks to the maintenance hangboard sessions.  I didn’t feel gassed on any of these problems.

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