Lb & shldr Warmup

Modified Density

V2-2-2 M’s on the 2 min, 3 rounds, 9 total. Rest 20. Repeat 1 more time.


Metolius smallest rungs. 40,45,50 lbs. 10 sec, 3 min rests.

1 round of campus
The V2’s felt easy, which I felt was a good sign of progress.  Although the overhangs were being re-set, so I didn’t get to include much of that.  Still, I think my endurance is improving.  Next session will really tell.  I barely got a pump, mostly just on the last couple M’s of each round.
I did some maintenance hangs and campus.  Thinking about putting these on the med-hard days of this program.  Or alternate hangs and campus on each session. Thoughts?

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