05/12/14 Monday

At Home

3 rounds with 20, 24, and 32kg

  • 8 goblet squats
  • 10/10 inverted rows
  • 10/10 OH swings

At Redmond gym

Modified Density

V2, V2, V3

This is getting tough already.  I had 3 days off since my last session, and this was still too hard to finish.  On some reps, I barely get any rest before having to start the next one.  I had to stop on problem 7/9 on the second round.  I was thinking about changing up the rest structure, doing a set 1 minute rest after completing each M, but I kind of like it how it is, with the clock pushing you.  Not sure how the rest of the sessions will go.  If I keep failing to finish, then I will either do a set rest amount, or just do a problem every 3 minutes (instead of every 2 mins).

I don’t feel too wasted today, the day after.

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