05/02/14 Friday

Going to start logging my sessions again, after taking a break from it. Hopefully I’ll see some progress or be motivated by it in some way.

I’ve been working on building up to the 32kg kettlebell, so that’s taken a lot of my training energy.  Climbing has been on hold for 2 weeks.  I’m feeling very low endurance, so I’m going to do a bout of density bouldering to build some of that back up.  It’s hard for me to let it all go, and just keep pushing strength and power.  A block of power will be up next, after about 3 or 4 weeks of density.

Warmup @ home

  • Goblet squat x 8, Inverted rows 2 in x 10, OH swings 10/10
  • With 20kg, 24kg, 32kg = 3 rounds
  • rest as needed
@ Redmond VW
  • Density
  • 20 mins work, 20 mins rest, 20 mins work
  • M ladders on V1, V2, V3
  • 3 ladders each work period (9 total M’s)

The M’s (up-down-up-down) feel like a good middle endurance ground for me (too long for bouldering, too short for trad).  Most of my goals this year are bouldering related, but I’m also looking forward to some trad at Index this year, so I’m not quite willing to go all-in with the bouldering training.

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