May 15 Workout

Context: A day after Intensity Bouldering session  in the gym.  I wanted to do some easy strength training, hangboard and wrist rehab.  Decided to “warm-up” with a metabolic circuit to help improve my general conditioning, especially legs.  I got a bit beat up the weekend before after doing 3 pitches of aid climbing (I only lead one) with a 40 min(?) approach with a 50lb pack, and I realized that I need to add in more general fitness (and maybe drop some bouldering training) if I want to make it up a big wall.

Warmup – foam roll, glut activation

2 rounds metabolic circuit =
30sec KB swings
30sec rest
30sec step-ups with weight
60sec rest
30sec body weight jump squat
30sec rest
30sec mountain climbers
60sec rest

4 rounds of
TGU with 2 reps KB shoulder press from the TGU elbow position
30sec plank
30sec side bridge right
30sec side bridge left
30sec bird dog right
30sec bird dog left
8 ankles to bar
good rest

Wrist rehab – reverse wrist curls, pronators, supinators, eversion, inversion.

Hangboard 4 rounds of
5sec small crimp with 7lbs
30sec rest
5sec 3 finger open hand pocket with 7 lbs
30sec rest

Gooey protein shake.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask!

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