I like this one too, but it’s frustrating how little climbing I can fit into 2 hrs at the gym with just a little chatting between exercises.

Warmup about 30-40 mins

  • Rows and Pushups
  • Side bridges
  • Bear crawl and boulders
  • Did a few harder BPs at the end of warmup but nothing harder than V6


  • 10 sec hang, 3 min rests, 6 reps
  • Smallest edge of Metolius
  • 35 lbs x 4
  • 40 lbs x 2
  • Also 3 hangs on Moon fingerboard hold #4, no weight.
  • So 9 hangs total (6 weighted, 3 unweighted) with 90 sec total hangtime

Heavy Abs

  • FCT 25 lbs x 5 & Hang leg raise x 3
  • 3 rounds w 3 min rests between

One Arm Lock-offs (Isos)

  • 6 sec hold, 6 sec rest
  • about 60 sec rest between positions
  • 2 x 120 deg
  • 3 x 90 deg
  • 2 x 50 deg

That’s it. Just under 2 hours.  I didn’t feel tired, but that wasn’t my goal.



Chiropractor Lynnwood  ::  Massage Lynnwood



  • bear crawl x2
  • inchworm/founder x3
  • T-pushups 4/4
  • loaded carries 55/55
  • goblet squat w 55, 5-5
  • turkish getup 1/1 w 45
  • inverted rows w 3 in grips, 8-8


Warmup boulders

All new problems

~ 10 total, VB-V6



  • 3 x 10 secs.
  • 25 lbs on smallest Metolius rung.
  • Open hand.
  • 3 mins between.


V8 project

~ 10 attempts, no send

little rest, just playing around with the crux mostly



  • 25 lb plate pinches.
  • 3-3-3, 3 mins between. PLE 9



Core and shoulder warmup.

Bear crawl and inchworm/founder.

Bouldering / Linked Problems

5+ min rests between

  1. V5 M.
  2. V7/6 M – Fail. Botched sequence at top of V6.
  3. V8 – Fail. Still can’t figure out the beta, but got one move farther than last session.
  4. V8 – Fail. Same problem as #3.
  5. V8 M – Fail. Different problem. Got gassed at the crux.
  6. V8 – Fail. Another different problem.  Got 2 moves from the top, but botched the sequence.
  7. V7 – This is one I fell off of last session going for the top.  Stuck it today.
  8. V8 M – Fail.  Same problem as #5.  Stuck the crux move, but then quickly peeled off.  I think I could finish this M if I work it a few more times.

Lot’s of failure this session.  It was fun to push myself.


Core & shldr warmup

Hard Boulders

5 min rests between

V5 – sent after figuring out start move crux.

V5 – flash.

V6 – flash.

V6 – flash to finish jug, didn’t match.

V7 – flash to finish jug, hit it, didn’t hang.

V8 – about 4 attempts, no send, stumped by the middle crux.

V9 – about 2 attempts, no send, not even close.

V7 – flash.

I was surprised at how hard the V8 and V9 felt.  And surprised that I could still flash a V7 at the end.  I know it’s all subjective, but it still felt weird.  Overall, happy with where I’m at after finishing an endurance block.  Fingers still feel strong, maybe thanks to the maintenance hangboard sessions.  I didn’t feel gassed on any of these problems.


No warmup


Modified Density




Progression is too steep. Back to the drawing board.



Core & shldr warmup

Bear crawl & Inchworm/founder


Modified Density

V2-3-2 M’s on the 2 mins.



40-45-50 lbs on smallest metolius rung. 3 min rests.



I worked one V8, tried it 5 times, sent it on the 5th go. 3 min rests.


The density was harder than I thought it would be. Not sure if I’m going to succeed at my next progression.  Felt good to do my maintenance hangboard session.  Bouldering felt like a good idea, at least for my confidence.




core and shoulder warmup

bear crawl & inchworm


Modified Density


Failed on:

1st round: 3rd V4

2nd round: 3rd V3, 2nd and 3rd V4


I wasn’t too surprised at my performance today.  I didn’t feel completely rested going into it, especially after doing some one arm hangs yesterday.  Not sure if those did me in, or maybe I’m just plateauing with this program.


I will regress to my previous “med-hard” day for the next session, and then repeat this day again. If I fail again, I will take a rest week and go into a power block.



This “med-hard” day was harder than I was hoping it would be.  I’m getting anxious about my next “hard” day.

Core and shldr Warmup
Bear crawl & inch worm

Modified Density



40, 45, 50 lbs

Smallest Metolius rung


1 round of skip ones

Could not complete 2nd half



This was a “hard” day that ended up not being too hard.  Again, it’s that last set in each round that is challenging.  I’m dialing in the problems, so I get them done fast and can rest about 60-80 seconds before my next go.  I’m really curious to see how the next hard day will go.  V2-3-4 sounds very challenging right now.

  1. Core & shldr Warmup
  2. Modified Density
    1. V2 –  3 –  3


Lb & shldr Warmup

Modified Density

V2-2-2 M’s on the 2 min, 3 rounds, 9 total. Rest 20. Repeat 1 more time.


Metolius smallest rungs. 40,45,50 lbs. 10 sec, 3 min rests.

1 round of campus
The V2’s felt easy, which I felt was a good sign of progress.  Although the overhangs were being re-set, so I didn’t get to include much of that.  Still, I think my endurance is improving.  Next session will really tell.  I barely got a pump, mostly just on the last couple M’s of each round.
I did some maintenance hangs and campus.  Thinking about putting these on the med-hard days of this program.  Or alternate hangs and campus on each session. Thoughts?